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Private One Day shore excursion in St Petersburg


While creating these One Day tours, we took into consideration that you plan to spend only one day in our beautiful city, whatever your reasons may be.

Perhaps, you have already visited St-Petersburg before, but didn't have a chance to cover all of the sights and have now come back to catch up.

It's possible, though, that THIS IS your only day and one of a lifetime opportunity to visit the Venice of the North and you don't want to miss the chance to see as much as possible. Or maybe, even though your ship stays in St-Petersburg for 2 days, you just want to take it easy, enjoy a day-off any sightseeing and have the ship practically to yourself. But even then you don't want miss an opportunity to explore the cultural capital of Russia on one of our ONE DAY tours.

We've tailored 3 different activity level tours to meet your expectations.
All you have to do is pick the one that will be the right for you!

Spend this day with us and we will make it unforgettable!


St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour

St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour

During out trip to Russia we enjoyed both cities – Moscow and St-Petersburg. Everything was very good & the guides were very cooperative.

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