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General questions

1. Where do we meet your representative?

Our representatives are at the port long before the arrival of your ship. They stand right outside the custom control area, holding signs with the name of our company Р Firebird Ltd. Once you pass the custom control and go out, we'll meet you, introduce you to your guide, who will escort you to your car or minivan.

2. Is "Firebird" a licensed travel agency?

Firebird Ltd. is an officially licensed travel agency . You can find us on the site of the Russian Federal Agency of Tourism by our registration number MBT 015685. We are authorized by the Russian government to issue Tour Tickets ( blanket visas ) for cruise passengers and full time visas for travelers from different countries. Firebird Ltd. has an official contract with the St-Petersburg port ТMorskoi FasadУ, which allows our vehicles to enter the port and pick up our guest right at the ship terminal.

3. Is there any chance of missing the ship on departure day? What happens if we do?

There is no such chance, as long as you are escorted by our professional and experienced guides and drivers. WE plan our tours very thoroughly to make sure every our guest arrives to the port at least one hour before the departure of the ship.
In case of force-majeur we guarantee your prompt transportation to the next port of disembarkation.


4. What is the recommended amount for tipping the guide and the driver?

It is always up to you, wheither to tip at all or not, but if you are happy with the service and enjoyed the tour, we recommend the following amount as a tip to your escort in St-Petersburg:

  • 25-30$ to the local guide
  • 10-15$ to the driver

We suggest that you should tip the guide and the driver separately. But it is only a suggestion:)
Please, note, that we cannot accept gratuities on a credit card. Therefore it's a good idea to bring some cash with you ( USD, EUR, RUB).

5. Do your guides have a good command of English? Will we be able to understand them?

All our guides are University graduates and possess a great command of English and other languages. Most of them have over 10 years of experience in tourist industry and are excellent speakers. Their deep knowledge of Russian politics, history, cuisine, economy and culture, organizational skills, as well as their eagerness to be helpful will make your stay in St-Petersburg most rewarding!


6. What type of vehicles do you use?

We use only air-conditioned, non-smoking vehicles, minivans and buses up to western standard. We inspect all vehicles before hiring them to make sure they are clean, well kept and comfortable.

The size of the vehicle depends on the number of people in the group. In any case we always leave few empty seats to provide extra comfort during the tour.

Many of the drivers are the owners of the vehicles they drive and thus, they strive not only to take good care of their property, but also to provide excellent service. Some of them speak English.

Please, feel free to ask the driver any time to turn on/turn off air-conditioning, to slow down ( if traffic rules permit ) and give you an opportunity to take a picture, to open the trunk of the car or the back of the minivan to pick up/leave your stuff.

Facts about Russia

Facts about Russia. Part 1.

Facts about Russia. Part 1.

Saint-Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire between 1712 and 1918.

Starting from the end of the 15th century Moscow played the leading role in the political, economic and cultural development of Russia, but in 1712 Peter the Great ordered to move the capital to the banks of the Neva. His aim was to built long-term political relations with European countries, to develop trade with ports of western Europe and to establish cultural exchange between Russia and the rest of the world. St-Petersburg, built right on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, was destined to become Russia's “window on Europe”.

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Facts about Russia. Part 2.

Facts about Russia. Part 2.

St-Petersburg is the birthplace of Russian porcelain

Porcelain first appeared in China between the 4th and the 6th centuries, in 1710 the first porcelain workshop in Europe was established in Meissen ( Saxony ). The technology involved in the manufacture of chinaware in Meissen was, as in China, a close-locked secret.

Russian chemist Dmitriy Vinogradov discovered the secret of porcelain production in 1746. It was at Vinogradov's pottery shop that first samples of russian-made porcelain appeared. Later on the workshop was expanded and accommodated the Emperial Porcelain Factory.

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St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour

St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour

During out trip to Russia we enjoyed both cities – Moscow and St-Petersburg. Everything was very good & the guides were very cooperative.

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