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Facts about Russia / Facts about Russia. Part 1.

Facts about Russia. Part 1.

Saint-Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire between 1712 and 1918

Starting from the end of the 15th century Moscow played the leading role in the political, economic and cultural development of Russia, but in 1712 Peter the Great ordered to move the capital to the banks of the Neva. His aim was to built long-term political relations with European countries, to develop trade with ports of western Europe and to establish cultural exchange between Russia and the rest of the world. St-Petersburg, built right on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, was destined to become Russia's “window on Europe”.

After the revolution of 1917 bolsheviks returned the capital back to continental Moscow - their influence was strong and power protected there, compared to vulnerable Petrograd Р a city well exposed to the sea and the Finish border.



The St-Petersburg-Moscow railway was built between 1843 and 1851 and was laid down in an almost perfectly straight line 656 km long.
At the time this was the longest double-track line in the world.


At the beginning of the 19th century an edict forbidding smoking in the streets was issued in Saint-Petersburg

Most of the houses in Russia at the time were built of wood, therefore if one threw a cigarette butt in the street any building could catch fire and within only few hours the whole street would be destroyed.





The first motion picture in Russia was shown in St-Petersburg on May 4, 1896


The street of St-Peterburg were first officially named in 1738

The names of the streets, squares and embankments were written on small boards fastened to special posts. 30 years later catherine the Great ordered the police to remove the posts and have the names of the streets inscribed on marble tablets to be attached to the walls of houses at the end of each street.

House numbers were introduced in St-Petersburg in 1834; the houses from one end of the street to the other were given a single system of increasing numbers.

The currently functioning system was implemented in 1858: the even numbers on the left side of the street, the odd numbers on the right side.



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About Us

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2 Day St Petersburg Group Tour
2 Day St Petersburg Group Tour

If Trip Advisor had a 6 star category then I think that MaxiBaltTours would easily meet. Advisor had a 6 star category then I think that MaxiBaltTours. If Trip Advisor had a 6 star category then I think that MaxiBaltTours would easily meet.


St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour

St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour

During out trip to Russia we enjoyed both cities – Moscow and St-Petersburg. Everything was very good & the guides were very cooperative.

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