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Facts about Russia / Facts about Russia. Part 2.

Facts about Russia. Part 2.

St-Petersburg is the birthplace of Russian porcelain

Porcelain first appeared in China between the 4th and the 6th centuries, in 1710 the first porcelain workshop in Europe was established in Meissen ( Saxony ). The technology involved in the manufacture of chinaware in Meissen was, as in China, a close-locked secret.

Russian chemist Dmitriy Vinogradov discovered the secret of porcelain production in 1746. It was at Vinogradov's pottery shop that first samples of russian-made porcelain appeared. Later on the workshop was expanded and accommodated the Emperial Porcelain Factory.





Of the largest cities in the world St-Petersburg is the nearest to the North Pole



The first public transport in St-Petersburg were horse-driven cabs

At the turn of the 20th century special two-and-a half year courses were opened for training Зlearned cabmenИ. At graduation they took exams in the geography of St-Petersburg and its environs, French, driving horses, astronomy ( specially for night cabbies), and polite manners. In 1901, 55 cabbies graduates with good marks in all the subjects; 60 failed French and had to sit for the exam a second time; 20 failed geography; and 15 astronomy.
In 1847, the first omnibuses appeared, and in 1863, a horse-drawn tram-line was opened. Forst electric trams began to run in 1907.

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About Us
About Us

My name is Julia Dulgerova. I'm 38 years old. Happily married to Vladislav Dulgerov. Have a daughter Sofia, a dog Mitya and two parrots - Jovy and Rosa. And I am passionate about what I do!

I began my career as a guide 17 years ago. I worked with individual travellers, groups, VIPs and incentives. All my clients spoke english, but were from different parts of the world - USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Thailand, Malaysia, India, China, Russia, France, Spain, Egypt.

I always felt excited to meet new people and show them the city, which, even after having travelled all over the world, I still consider as one of the most beautiful and inspiring ( despite of long winters and piles of snow and ice :) ).

2 Day St Petersburg Group Tour
2 Day St Petersburg Group Tour

If Trip Advisor had a 6 star category then I think that MaxiBaltTours would easily meet. Advisor had a 6 star category then I think that MaxiBaltTours. If Trip Advisor had a 6 star category then I think that MaxiBaltTours would easily meet.


St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour

St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour

During out trip to Russia we enjoyed both cities – Moscow and St-Petersburg. Everything was very good & the guides were very cooperative.

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