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About Us
My name is Julia Dulgerova. I'm 38 years old. Happily married to Vladislav Dulgerov. Have a daughter Sofia, a dog Mitya and two parrots - Jovy and Rosa. And I am passionate about what I do!
I began my career as a guide 17 years ago. I worked with individual travellers, groups, VIPs and incentives. All my clients spoke english, but were from different parts of the world - USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Thailand, Malaysia, India, China, Russia, France, Spain, Egypt.

I always felt excited to meet new people and show them the city, which, even after having travelled all over the world, I still consider as one of the most beautiful and inspiring ( despite of long winters and piles of snow and ice :) ).

Every time I met a new client I felt honoured and proud at the same time to show him around St-Petersburg and could never get rid of the feeling that my every new encounter or an excursion was in fact my re-acquaintance with my native city.

I loved to see the excitement and amazement in the eyes of the people, when I showed them around the Hermitage Museum or St-Isaac's Cathedral; to witness their first ЗentranceИ to the historical center of city and to hear their invariable ЗWOWs!И at the sight of the Neva river, the Church of the Savior on the Spilt Blood and the Palace Square; I liked to speak honestly and stay open about the Soviet past of my country and to challenge people to change their mind on certain topics; and of course I always appreciated and still do, the tears of compassion and sadness in the eyes of my guests when I take them to the War Memorial and tell them about the WWII and the 900 days siege of Leningrad.

I believe that one the top strengths of the guide is the eagerness and ability to share. To share the knowledge, the beauty, the history and passion for travelling and learning!

My profession inpired me on a journey, which lasted for 3 years and took me to different parts of our amazing and beautiful planet. I surfed in Indonesia,  explored Thailand, traveled in a camper van around New Zealand and Australia, trekked around Annapurna in a Nepal, did yoga and ate a lot of curry in India, skied and fell in love in Canada, visited museums and shopped in most of Europe. After these travels I feel much more connected to the people and my clients as well. I always like to ask them from where they are and if I happened to be there once, in their native town or nearby, it is always great to talk about it and share!

At the start of my career I read a book by a french journalist Suzanne Massi  - ЗThe Land of the FirebirdИ. This book is a brief, yet volumed and well balanced review of Russian history. Already then I though to myself that if one day I start my own company I will definately call it ЗThe FirebirdИ ! In Russian fairytales the Firebird is the slavic analog the immortal Phoenix Р the symbol of Reborn, Light, Sun and Power. Slavs, the predecessors of present day Russians, regarded the Firebird as a mystical Bird of Happiness.


Firebird LLC was established in 2010. It is a family business. We are the second largest renting company is St-Petersburg. We rent out tour guide equipment to over 40 different travel agencies in St-Petersburg and Moscow. For many years my husband encouraged me to start my own travel agency, because he knew about my passion for tourism. He knows me as a very professional organizer, because being a guide in Russia is much more than just doing tours and telling people about history and art. We, the guides, have to take care of what you eat, how you sleep, your wellbeing, to be there for you when you don't feel well or when you want to stop to take a picture or buy a book. WE should be able and eager to help and assist you in everything! And it can be ANYTHING at times:). May you have forgotten your passport under the pillow on the train, may you have forgotten your bag on the boat or your diamond ring at the hotel, We are there for you

To make a long story short, 2 years ago after 2,5 years of maternity leave, I finally decided that the time has come! I started my own agency and did quite a few successful private tours for Maison Cartier, travel agencies in India, Pakistan and US.

We don't have thousands of tourists yet, BUT WE ARE SUCCESSFULL! Because we built the story of our success upon the satisfaction of our clients!

Your satisfaction and wellbeing is our main goal and reward!


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Facts about Russia

Facts about Russia. Part 1.

Facts about Russia. Part 1.

Saint-Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire between 1712 and 1918.

Starting from the end of the 15th century Moscow played the leading role in the political, economic and cultural development of Russia, but in 1712 Peter the Great ordered to move the capital to the banks of the Neva. His aim was to built long-term political relations with European countries, to develop trade with ports of western Europe and to establish cultural exchange between Russia and the rest of the world. St-Petersburg, built right on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, was destined to become Russia's “window on Europe”.

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Facts about Russia. Part 2.

Facts about Russia. Part 2.

St-Petersburg is the birthplace of Russian porcelain

Porcelain first appeared in China between the 4th and the 6th centuries, in 1710 the first porcelain workshop in Europe was established in Meissen ( Saxony ). The technology involved in the manufacture of chinaware in Meissen was, as in China, a close-locked secret.

Russian chemist Dmitriy Vinogradov discovered the secret of porcelain production in 1746. It was at Vinogradov's pottery shop that first samples of russian-made porcelain appeared. Later on the workshop was expanded and accommodated the Emperial Porcelain Factory.

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St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour

St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour

During out trip to Russia we enjoyed both cities – Moscow and St-Petersburg. Everything was very good & the guides were very cooperative.

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